Poetry – Mary Kay

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Mary Kay


Mary Kay


The silence that echoed the room

Where kids initially will equip

The board staring so deep at me

It’s slates as empty as the wind

The playgrounds look scattered

Though it has experienced many laughs

Of kids who wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye

The summer is here am alerted

The streets to school looks deserted

The salesmen left their counter

For no one to commend their burger

Now dust finds its solace

All over the walls, even the stairways

The pipes will rest in peace

For no one to remove its clips

The sport complex

As dry as an empty can

Even the pool is without waters

For every swimmer is home for summer

The kitchen where loads of kids do gather

The rats in there now have their festivals

For no one will dare pass by

Not even a pot can dare stop them

The red bricks stand so rigid

Even though empty breath lies within the bricks

The building lies fallow, just for this bit

For very soon, new life it will receive

When off from summer the kids return bit by bit

Now Mary Kay’s spirit will rise.


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